Introduction to Python

This course is an introductory course for people from various backgrounds with an interest in powerfully automating day-to-day tasks involving processing and analyzing data.

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Python for Predictive Data Analytics

This is a course for data analysts, quants, statisticians, software developers, and other technical staff interested in learning to use Python for analysing and visualising data and performing powerful predictive analytics.

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Python for Finance

This is a course for financial analysts, traders, risk analysts, fund managers, researchers, data scientists, statisticians, and software developers.

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Python for Scientists & Engineers

This is a course for scientists and engineers interested in using Python for solving computational problems that arise in daily work and automating the processing of different kinds of scientific data.

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Python for Geospatial Analysis

This is a course for scientists, engineers, and analysts working with geospatial data sets.

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Python for Network & Systems Engineers

This is a course for network engineers and systems engineers, devops staff, hardware engineers, and back-end developers.

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Python for Web Development

Python is used by tech firms worldwide. This course focuses on how to create modern back-end websites using the Flask web framework, an elegant, thriving tool used by companies like Pinterest and Twilio to power billions of requests per month.

This intensive face-to-face training course will help you get started with web development and teach you modern best practices for creating maintainable codebases in teams.

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Python for Programmers

We offer intensive 4-day courses in Python for programmers. By the end of the Python for Programmers course, you will understand Python in depth and be able to make rapid progress with using Python.

We also offer abbreviated course options (2 days and 3 days) for people with prior experience programming in Python.

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On-site and customised to your workflow

We offer custom courses on-site for teams within organisations. These are particularly appropriate if your team uses particular tools or data sources in its workflow. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our Training Philosophy

Our team of specialists combine exemplary communication skills with expertise in Python development in a variety of applications.

Real World Focus

We are passionate about applying Python to the real world, to address real challenges and solve real problems.

High trainer to student ratios

We understand that high trainer to student ratios are integral to excellent learning outcomes, and we tailor the pace of training to suit participants' needs.

Hands On

We encourage an interactive class environment, with a blend of theory and application. We also encourage participants to bring their own data sets, and we create facilities for participants to apply their learning to their current projects immediately.

Plain English

Our trainers are experts in Python, and are gifted communicators. We strive to teach Python using plain English as much as possible. This has allowed us to teach Python to participants across a wide range of industries, professional backgrounds and age range.