Introduction to Python

This course is an introductory course for people from various backgrounds with an interest in powerfully automating day-to-day tasks involving processing and analyzing data.

Python for Machine Learning

This is a course for data analysts, quants, statisticians, software developers, and other technical staff interested in learning to use Python for analysing and visualising data and performing powerful predictive analytics. Includes a thorough introduction to machine learning for regression and classification.

Python for Scientists & Engineers

This is a course for scientists and engineers interested in using Python for solving computational problems that arise in daily work and automating the processing of different kinds of scientific data.

Python for Geospatial Analysis

This is a course for scientists, engineers, and analysts working with geospatial data sets.

Machine Learning in Depth

This is a course for data scientists, data analysts, engineers, researchers, software developers, and quants.

Python for Network & Systems Engineers

This is a course for network engineers and systems engineers, devops staff, hardware engineers, and back-end developers.

Intermediate Python for Developers

This intensive training course will teach you in-depth about Python's powerful language features, modern best practices for Python app development in teams, and how to use Python for building and maintaining API services, back-end websites, and interactive web-based dashboards.

Python for Finance

This is a course for financial analysts, traders, risk analysts, fund managers, researchers, data scientists, statisticians, and software developers.

Intermediate Geospatial Analysis in Python

This is a course for GIS analysts, scientists, engineers, surveyors, and other data analysts with prior experience working with spatial data in Python.

Introduction to QGIS

This is a course for meteorologists, geoscientists, analysts and other scientific staff.

Machine Learning in Python for CSIRO

This is a course for research scientists and other technical staff who are interested in learning the fundamentals of machine learning in Python.

On-site and customised to your workflow

We offer custom courses on-site for teams within organisations. These are particularly appropriate if your team uses particular tools or data sources in its workflow. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our Philosophy

Our team of specialists combine exemplary communication skills
with deep expertise in Python development in a variety of applications.


Real World Focus

We are passionate about applying Python to the real world, to address real challenges and solve real problems.


High trainer to student ratios

To ensure excellent learning outcomes, we always provide enough trainers to help participants with the exercises. This means most of our classes have 1 expert on-hand for every 5 to 15 participants.


Hands On

We encourage an interactive class environment, with a blend of theory and application. We also encourage participants to bring their own data sets and offer individual assistance for participants to apply their learning to their current projects immediately.


Plain English

Our trainers are experts in Python, and are gifted communicators. We strive to teach using plain English, minimising the use of technical jargon and explaining terms when necessary. This has allowed us to teach Python to participants across a wide range of industries, professional backgrounds and age range.