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Python Training

World-class specialist hands-on training

Python Charmers® is a leading global provider of Python training, based in Australia and Singapore.

Python Charmers specializes in teaching data science and programming to scientists, engineers, data scientists and analysts, quants, and computer scientists in the Python language.

Since 2010, Python Charmers has given over 600 training courses and bootcamps to over 6000 delighted people at all levels.

Python Charmers’ trainers boast years of Python experience and deep roots in the open source community, as both speakers at events and contributors to well-known open source projects, including NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Scikit-Image, and Python-Future.

On-site or online, customized to your workflow

We offer intensive, hands-on, practical training courses full of worked examples and exercises.

No Powerpoint. Just fast, direct, enjoyable experiential learning.

Our Philosophy

Our team of specialists combine exemplary communication skills
with deep expertise in Python development in a variety of applications.


Real World Focus

We are passionate about applying Python to the real world, to address real challenges and solve real problems.


High trainer to student ratios

To ensure excellent learning outcomes, we always provide enough trainers to help participants with the exercises. This means most of our classes have 1 expert on-hand for every 5 to 15 participants.


Hands On

We encourage an interactive class environment, with a blend of theory and application. We also encourage participants to bring their own data sets and offer individual assistance for participants to apply their learning to their current projects immediately.


Plain English

Our trainers are experts in Python, and are gifted communicators. We strive to teach using plain English, minimising the use of technical jargon and explaining terms when necessary. This has allowed us to teach Python to participants across a wide range of industries, professional backgrounds and age range.