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Is your team reinventing the wheel?

Are you using old-fashioned programming tools that are slow and painful to work with? Do you need to upgrade your skills and adopt better tools?

Python Charmers is the leading Python training and consulting company in the Asia Pacific Region.

We run highly acclaimed Python training courses, at both introductory and advanced levels. Topics include:

Python for
Financial Engineers

Python for
Data Analysis
& Visualisation

Python for
Geospatial Analysis

Python for

Python for
Scientists & Engineers

Our courses are hands-on and focus on real-world problems, equipping you with everything you need to start solving your problems with Python.


Do you need expert Python developers?

Are you developing a complex web application? Do you want to automate your workflow or internal processes?

Our team of Python experts are an ideal fit for organisations seeking rapid, reliable and thoughtful development outcomes.

We specialise in:
Scientific applications
Engineering applications
Database-backed web applications (using Django)

To find out how we can assist your organisation, please visit our consulting page or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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