Getting Started with Python

Getting Started with Python

Installing Python

If you have not used Python before and would like to start using Python before the course, we recommend the Anaconda3 installer, which is available from the folks at Continuum Analytics. This comes with Python and several important 3rd-party packages. To install this, choose a folder name without a space in it. (Examples: C:\Python3, /home/user/anaconda.)

Getting Started with IPython Notebook

Click here for a great resource to help you get started with IPython Notebook.

Getting Started with Data Visualisation

The Pandas package is an amazingly productive tool for working with and analysing data in Python.

The folks at are dedicated to data visualisation, and provide an excellent online platform for interactive charts, graphs and much more. has free APIs for MatLab, R, Python, JavaScript and more.


You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions before the course.
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