Calculating your 5km travel buffer

Last year, many cities around the world imposed restrictions on how far you can travel from home. Here we'll show how you can calculate your a travel bubble around your home using some of the best Python tools for spatial analysis selected from Python Charmers' Python for Geospatial Analysis course.

Building Multi-Stage Pipelines with scikit-learn

Pipelines in scikit-learn are a thing of beauty. Operationalizing your scikit-learn classification or text mining data job with pipelines can be tricky, but rewarding. There's meaningful improvements to speed and so on.

Based on our Python for Predictive Analytics training, we've released a solution guide for Building Multi-Stage Pipelines with scikit-learn. scikit-learn pipelines are an excellent tool to use if you need to preprocess your data before training it. If you're an engineer who's trying to make a repeatable python maching learning pipeline, these are invaluable tools to have in your belt.

CSV or XLS File Too Big? Taking Big Data from Excel to Pandas

Is your CSV or XLS File getting too big to conduct operations on? Check out this new solution guide, Taking Big Data from Excel to Pandas. In it, we go through some quick tricks for dealing with large data in pandas.

Quick tricks for dealing with large data in pandas need about a paragraph or two here. yadda yadda yadda