Python Charmers provides training and consulting in applications of the Python programming language, including for web development, data analysis, engineering, science, and finance. Our training clients include BAE Systems, Barclays, Biarri, Cisco, Cochlear, CSIRO, Dolby, IMC Financial Markets, Optiver, SDS Pathology, Toyota Technical Centre, many government departments, and small businesses and high-tech startups such as Precision Agriculture and Ship2Anywhere.

Our consulting clients include CSIRO Land and Water, CSIRO Plant Phenomics, EPA Victoria, Ship2Anywhere (and later EFM), and the Victorian Department of Health.

We specialise in training and guiding teams of developers and giving expert advice on rapid prototyping and programming with Python for technical applications. We help to kick-start complex projects into reality. We are experienced in technology and keen to provide great service.

We are based in Australia and Singapore. We operate as a close network of specialist consultants, many of whom maintain multiple roles in industry, government and academia. Our team’s experience spans the fields of:

  • Web services
  • Geospatial analysis / GIS and mapping
  • Various kinds of risk modelling
  • Financial modelling and econometrics
  • Data visualisation
  • Cloud computing and ‘big data’ processing
  • High-performance computing¬†and machine learning.

If you have a project that could benefit from our experience, please contact us for further information.

Our current and past consulting clients include: