Melbourne Python Meetup: November 2010

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There was a varied and interesting gathering of people using Python at the November meetup in Melbourne. Twelve people came — a great showing given only one week’s notice. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Henry Walshaw – GIS and all things involving spatial data
  • Rory Hart – working in 3D and web dev at Exit Reality, a startup doing 3D conferencing, virtual training, medical imaging
  • Guy – managing a big VB to Python migration
  • Michael – climate modelling at BoM and CSIRO, now in academia
  • Richard Jones – organizer of PyCon AU; full-time Python developer since 1993; currently working at a telco
  • Graeme Cross – scientist, systems engineer and software engineer in biomedical instruments
  • Paul Dyson – scientist and Python evangelist working at the BoM
  • Ryan Kelly – working on an interesting cloud-on-a-USB-stick startup
  • Anthony Briggs – retail analytics @ Moco Media
  • Richard – freelance, PyQT development
  • Rasjid Wilcox – IT consulting for retail chains
  • Ed Schofield (me) – training and consulting in Python for science and engineering @ PythonCharmers

Rory, Graeme and Rasjid gave great talks:

  • Rory talked about deployment and server management with Fabric, and gave a nice demo of using it for app deployment.
  • Graeme talked about Python/C++ integration with PythonQt, which he showed to be surprisingly easy.
  • Rasjid talked about Frosted Python, a great tool he has built on top of py2exe for building and deploying stand-alone Windows apps from .py files in a maintainable way. We hope to see this on GitHub soon!

Afterwards we took over a restaurant in Swan Street (Richmond) for dinner, drinks and fun.

Thanks to all who came! Thanks also to our great friends at Inspire9 for hosting the event.

The next Melbourne Python meetup will be on Friday 3rd December at 6pm: see here for details.

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