Expert Training in Python

Rapid developmentDoes programming take you too long?

We are experts in using and teaching Python, a highly productive language very well suited to rapid application development. Once a niche language loved by computer scientists, Python is now in heavy use in millions of organisations around the world, including banks, technology companies, governments, universities, and research organisations.

Scientific and Engineering Programming

Maths, science, engineeringIs your team reinventing the wheel?

With its ‘batteries included’ philosophy and amazing array of 3rd-party packages you can re-use, Python is a superb language for scientific and engineering applications.

Advanced Web Development in Django

Web developmentDo you need help building a complex web app?

We teach and consult on web development in Python using Django, a modern web development framework that powers thousands of great sites online, such as the New York Times and the Guardian.

Benefits of Python

Python is a great language for:

  • Data processing and modelling
  • Web app development
  • Complex systems that require portability
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Intuitive and flexible scripting


“The course was well run and presented. It was particularly good to have very relevant examples provided.”

“It gave a good foundation to start programming in Python”

“Ed and DH provided an excellent training course. I would highly recommend it.”